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PostSubject: !! READ THIS BEFORE YOU APPLY !!   Thu Nov 27, 2008 1:24 am

If you didnt read this post, we will know by you application and then we wont even bother consider you for an invite.

First go and read our rules so you and we dont waste our time.

Raid Times:

Raiding goes on three nights a week: Wednesday, Sunday and Monday is for Progress raids.
Friday and Saturday are our offdays but if you still need gear from somewhere we will be doing something on these days.
The other days we will do heroics, some pvp, lvl or what ever we feel like.
Raid STARTS 19.30 server time and finishes at 23.00 server time.
You are required to come for atleast 2/3 of the raids per week.


We don't have many requirements as we're not a fulltime raiding guild. The ones we have are simple and must be met.

Level 80 requirement to join.
Working Ventrilo, you dont necessarily need a mic, but you need to be listening to the instructions given by the raidleader and not to MUSIC etc.
Working and newest version of Omen and Deadly Boss Mods are required aswell.
Skills and atleast Naxx / Naxx HC / Ulduar gear.

You must be active on our forum, by logging on and watching for news and other stuff atleast once pr. week.

Here´s a template for you to follow to your application

About you:

Where are you from?:

About your character:

Char. Name:
Char. Class:
Char. Level:

Professions (level and please add any rare/epic recipes you may have):

Are you able to raid the required days(Wednesday, Sunday and Monday? 19:30 - 23:00):
Have you read and understand the guild rules?!:

Raid Progress:

Naxxramas (WotLK 10) -
Naxxramas (WotLK 25) -
Sanctum (10) -
Sanctum (25) -
EoE (10) -
EoE (25) -
Ulduar (10 / HC) -
Ulduar (25 / HC) -
ToTc (10 / HC) -
ToTc (25 / HC) -
Onyxia (WotLK 10) -
Onyxia (WotLK 25) -
ICC (10) -
ICC (25) -

Current/Previous Guild/s:
Why did you leave your previous guild?:
Why do you wanna join us?:

The best part of the game for me is:
Your guildleader just bubbled while tanking Malygos. What do you do?
Do you think a Druid can be MT?
You would like to do an instance, how do you go about getting a group for it?
You're in the worst pickup group ever. How do you get out of this mess xD?

Anything else you think we should know about you plz do tell:


You do NOT need to register a new user to submit your application - please!

Read and understand rules first! http://madness-within.darkbb.com/rules-f1/

Thank you for reading this <3

© Madness Within 2008
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