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 Ulduar (10 Man CLEARED)

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PostSubject: Ulduar (10 Man CLEARED)   Fri Apr 24, 2009 12:22 am

Started Ulduar 23/04/09

The Siege

Flame Leviathan 23/04/09 (Hard Mode) +1

Ignis The Furnace Master 03/06/09 (Due to exams, we´ve been very low on ppl and only raided once every week and never with the right setup.. but we´ve tried this before and looks like things are starting to go our way again Smile )

Razorscale 23/04/09

XT-002-Deconstructor 23/04/09

The Antechamber

The Iron Council 29/04/09

Kologarn 07/05/09

Auriaya 07/05/09

The Keepers

Hodir 07/05/09

Thorim 10/05/09

Freya 09/06/09

Mimiron 15/06/09

And the rest when i had exams Smile

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Ulduar (10 Man CLEARED)
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