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 Loot Rules

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PostSubject: Loot Rules   Thu Jan 14, 2010 1:37 am

Distribution of gear in Madness Within is decided by the officers present in the raid after each boss kill.

If you are interested in a piece of loot, wait until the officers announce the piece in raid warning/raid chat, and then link the piece of gear you will be replacing. If you need something for offspec, do a /roll for it. An officer will be master looter, and after the officers have made their decision, loot is given out. Priority on loot is given under many criteria:

1. Rank within the guild is looked at first

We have 3 major ranks within the guild, they are Recruit, Member and Raider. As you continue to progress up the ranks in the guild, your chance of loot gets higher. That's not to say you won't get any loot as a recruit, just that it would be unfair to someone who has been in the guild longer than you to have the same chance on loot as them. Clearly someone who shows up for every raid and is well prepared (read tactics, doesn't mess up etc) deserves loot more than someone who has just joined, or doesn't raid as much. They will be raider rank, and get prio. Members come next, and a member is someone who has been with the guild for a number of weeks and proven themself to be a worthy addition. Recruits are as yet unproven or new guildies and have least prio on loot.

2. Enchants and gems

In order for the guild to progress, every member has to be seen to be making an effort to maximise their effectiveness with whatever role they are fulfilling. There are many enchanters and jewelcrafters already in the guild who will be more than happy to improve your existing or new gear, and you can also request mats from the bank via any of the officers. You don't need the absolute best enchant (so don't go crazy with Abyss Crystals), but certainly a relevant and fair enchant is necessary for prio. Even if you are a raider, loot may be given to a recruit if you have not enchanted/gemmed, as it shows lack of effort on such a simple thing.

3. Flasks and food

Again, these are relatively cheap and easy things to get, but they make a huge difference if everyone has them, so there's no excuse not to come equipped with flasks/pots and food. Ask in guild or gbank for discounts on both!

4. Current gear

If you still have blue gear and an epic drops from 25 man content, you are unlikely to get it over someone who already has an epic item. Whilst some people may argue that it's a bigger upgrade for the person with the blue gear, it's unfair that the person with the epic gear had to work hard to get that and passes up the chance to improve it for someone who hasn't even bothered to gear up from a heroic 5-man dungeon. If you still have a blue item, go and do heroics or spend badges to get it to epic status.

5. Guild activity and attitude

Etiquette and manners are often sadly underrated, but can make a vast difference to both your chances of getting loot, and to the overall MMO gaming experience. If you are constantly whining about not getting loot, or shouting at who you think is in the wrong during a raid, then you are not making a good impression in the guild and will be considered lower on prio than someone who doesn't whine if loot is given to someone else. Remember we are all in the same guild, and any loot is a bonus to the raid AS A WHOLE, and those who got it should be congratulated. If you think you should have got a piece of loot, don't whisper officers or get angry in raid chat - we will be back next week and if you don't make a fuss you're more likely to get it! Similarly, if you're always supportive of people, make an effort to bring flasks/pots and food, and offer guildies some excess items, you will be considered a more valuable asset to the guild and your chance of loot will increase.


So you're top of the dps meter, congratulations. Now what about all the mages decursing while you were spamming frostfire bolt eh? lol!

How high you rolled:
We roll for offspec loot, but that's just to see who is interested. Offspec is distributed the same way as main spec.

One final note...

Anyone found to be repeatedly slacking on flasks/enchants/gems will not get loot even if they need it. Loot will be sharded and used for enchanting gear on members who are prepared to make an effort. Anyone thinking that may be a little harsh, well, maybe, but think of it this way: if everyone else were to not enchant/gem their gear, would the guild have made as much progress as we have? Is it fair to still give people loot even though they have not pulled their weight, just because no-one else in the raid happens to need that specific item? Hopefully it will not come to this decision, as it is disappointing to have to shard an upgrade, but enchants, gems and flasks are so easy to get there really should be no call for this to happen.

With all that in mind, please come to raids prepared, and enjoy the boss kills! Loot should be a bonus, not the reason you raid!

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PostSubject: Re: Loot Rules   Thu Jan 14, 2010 4:14 pm

All read, ppl need to understand and ensure they fully buy into this system, it takes a while to get used to but it works and wont be changed for DKP or EPGP! Also when we distrubute loot we leave the main raid channel and talk this doesnt mean that we have gone to sleep, but we decide who gets the loot so it takes time. No whining for us to speed up, we want the best geared best players in guild!


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Loot Rules
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