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 Raid Rules

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PostSubject: Raid Rules   Wed Jan 07, 2009 2:00 pm

- Sign on wow-calendar (ingame) - if you for some reason can't join the raid, sign as tentative (yes its a rule).

- You are not allowed to reroll char once you´ve raided with one, this also goes for your spec!, we wont tolerate you getting healing gear and then rerolling tank /dps to get even more loot! (example)

- Come prepared, pots/flasks, reagents for buffing and food enough to the entire raid, you got ventrilo installed and ready to log on. this also goes for all thats drafted as backup.

- Newest version of the required addons ( Deadly Boss Mods and Omen Threat Meter )

- If/when you sign, you dedicate the raid hours to the guild, meaning you will show up, even if we for some reason do a 10 man raid instead of a 25 man.

- Raid STARTS 19.30 server time and finishes at 23.00 server time. no matter what it says on wow-raidar.

- We wanna see enchants and gems on gear, if not applied, ppl with it will get the loot no matter rank.

- Loot will be dealt as a unique loot, meaning each loot item officers in raid will look at the ppl wanting the item, what they´ve done to improve gear outside raids, how good and often they are in raids, if they got enchants and gems, and generally prepared for our raids.

- No offensive language/behavior such as racism, insults or anything of that kind, it simply wont be tolerated and will resolve in guildkick.

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Raid Rules
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