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 Retri/holy paladin

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PostSubject: Retri/holy paladin   Mon Jul 26, 2010 2:04 am

Where are you from?:Cyprus

About your character:

Char. Name:Andreasz
Char. Class:Paladin
Char. Level:80

Professions (level and please add any rare/epic recipes you may have):
Skilling up jc and mining
Are you able to raid the required days(Wednesday, Sunday and Monday? 19:30 - 23:00):Yes i am able to raid the required days
Have you read and understand the guild rules?!: Yes i have read and understand the guild rules

Raid Progress:

Naxxramas (WotLK 10) -3/15
Naxxramas (WotLK 25) -3/15
Sanctum (10) -Cleared hc mode
Sanctum (25) -Cleared hc mode
EoE (10) -Cleared
EoE (25) -None
Ulduar (10 / HC) -3/14 Normal
Ulduar (25 / HC) -None
ToTc (10 / HC) -4/5 Normal, 1/5 Heroic
ToTc (25 / HC) -5/5 Normal
Onyxia (WotLK 10) -Cleared
Onyxia (WotLK 25) -Cleared
ICC (10) -6/12 try on proff and dw
ICC (25) -6/12

Current/Previous Guild/s:Arcanium, Unforgotten
Why did you leave your previous guild?:Arcanium didnt do enough raids.....Unforgotten have break until cata and i want a raiding guild
Why do you wanna join us?:To have a good time with you and make some more progress Very Happy

The best part of the game for me is:
Your guildleader just bubbled while tanking Malygos. What do you do?Fight until bubble over. or just stay to die
Do you think a Druid can be MT?Yes Very Happy
You would like to do an instance, how do you go about getting a group for it?With guild or if they are not interested go with dungeon finder.. but preffer with guild
You're in the worst pickup group ever. How do you get out of this mess xD?Help ppl with boss tacts

Anything else you think we should know about you plz do tell:I am not a hardcore wow player, i can raid all days if you need me
Very Happy
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Retri/holy paladin
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