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 Holy / shadow priest ( re apply )

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PostSubject: Holy / shadow priest ( re apply )   Thu Aug 12, 2010 11:49 pm

Basic facts about me:

Name: Aurelio Decock xD
Age: 14 years old.
Where are you from?: Belgium , Kortrijk

About your character:[/i]

Char. Name: Priestwish
Char. Class: Priest
Char. Level: 80
Armory Link:
Professions: Tailoring(427) and Herbalism(260).

Are you able to raid the required days(wednesday,thursday and sunday? 19:30 - 23:00): Normaly i can
Have you read and understand the guild rules?!: Yes

Raid Progress:

Naxxramas (WotLK 10): Not Cleared
Naxxramas (WotLK 25): Not Cleared
Sanctum (10): Cleared
Sanctum (25): Cleared
EoE (10): Cleared
EoE (25): Cleared
Ulduar (10): Not Cleared
Ulduar (25): Not Cleared
ToTc (10): Almost Cleared
ToTc (25): Almost Cleared
Onyxia (WotLK 10): Not Cleared
Onyxia (WotLK 25): Not Cleared
ICC (10): Not Cleared
ICC (25): Not Cleared

(Yes I know, I'm a quite unexperienced raider...)

Guild info:

Current/Previous Guild/s:
Why did you leave your previous guild?: I looked for a raiding guild and I found yours.
Why do you wanna join us?: I want to raid .

Me and World of Warcraft:

The best part of the game for me is: Doing raids and heroics
Your guildleader just bubbled while tanking Malygos. What do you do? I would be disapounted
Do you think a Druid can be MT? Yes, why shouldn't s/he?
You would like to do an instance, how do you go about getting a group for it? Checking out with my guild and friends and then proceeding with Dungeonfinder.

You're in the worst pickup group ever. How do you get out of this mess? Sorry this don't work guys i guess imah leave

Anything else you think we should know about you please do tell:
I'm not an experienced raider but i'd like to level up in that kind of things xD
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PostSubject: Re: Holy / shadow priest ( re apply )   Fri Aug 13, 2010 12:01 pm

Seem a nice guy, but we cant atm take on ppl with limited ICC exp, when & if you get acheivs and betetr gear give us a re- apply


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Holy / shadow priest ( re apply )
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